Development, 3 month

So.. this is the try to change the news to English from now on for all of you who are not „at home“ in Estonian language.

 We have had lots of new stuff done and new priceless experiences of course. Themes like vaccination, sheeps, track and command development are discussed a bit and hopefully, some videos are coming as well..

Had the last vaccination done, little swelling on the neck nothing more, really energetic and happy Aslan as usual. He didn’t even give a sound during the two shots. Of course, he had to be a little clever boy and give out a sample of he’s destruction work for the veterinarian in the stool sample.. Namely he gave out a two part pillow filling that was attached with a long thread in one fast stool sample, I of course got a lecture how dangerous it can be (not that I didn’t know it before) and where ever so happy that it came out so nicely. It did upset the bowl a bit so either because of that or the vaccination he got some gefilius for a day (the stomach as the stool was a bit too soft afterwards).  

We are constantly practicing the tracking and had a good field lesson from our tracking mentor Aivo, which taught me a lot. I had a chance to get a video footage of it as well but haven’t been able to find a program that would cut out the unnecessary stuff and add some texts jet. So the videos will take some time to get up here. Today we did the first try after the lesson and he went like a pro, only missed 1 “footprint” on 50´s line. 

Yesterday we met sheep for the first time, with some time of adjustment and help from our sheepherder Epp, Aslan got what he was supposed to do and reacted to commands really well during the driving of the sheep (circled them back and forward, stopping and coming back and going again as soon as I called). The big part of it was of course that he was respectful of the sheep so he kept ideal distance from them (though he tried to lick one cheeps nose afterwards). The nice work in my opinion was done of course when the video battery had ended, so only the first meeting is captured on the video. This is the first meeting with the "dog numbed" sheep (they have a border herder and they couldnt care less if there was a dog near buy or not):

We have been to puppy school classes for 3 times now. The last one taught me a lot, its useless to try to motivate hem with treats when other dogs are near and he’s energy speeds up so he cant relax, but play and toy is good enough and gets he’s attention and also to get hem to control himself and fast (the learning and developing good reactions to command “give” have been so worth it). So lots of physical work for me, we try to practice concentration in high stress situations but as I have little time to do it elsewhere it shows in class (but I think it’s too soon to be wanting more as well, Il give hem couple of month with that, step by step, don’t want to pull the energy down too fast). Commands that work fast and perfect: give, take;  other that need work (and take time to perfect): sit, heel, come, stand, down (obedience rules). Also reactions to simple loose leash walking and my body language are getting better and better (not heel, just walking).

We have had a little practice in show training as I see that it interferes a bit with the other commands and confused hem a bit (too much of it). But now as we are getting closer to our first show I will get my stuff together and try to practice a bit more our first show is in one month!!

Some fun in the park:

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